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La Paz

Bikes, beers and beginners luck!

So the bike ride down the worlds most dangerous road was AMAZING!! You could choose your own pace but we went down soooo fast and the view was incredible, actually for the first half you couldnt see much becuase there was so much fog, prob a good thing that we couldnt see over into the 500m drop below, but when it cleared up it was unreal!!
So picture this, you start up at 4300m when theres a fine snow like hail falling and your huddling like penguins while the guide reads out the dos and donts.

Yours truely is in the middle, dark blue shirt. Biddy at the front.

Then the first third was on bitumen road. Long windy bends and slippery because it was wet. Plus this part is still a major roadway so had to be wary of traffic.


Then the road divides into 2, one down the new safer road built in 2006 and one down the worlds most dangerous road. we all piled back into the vans to go up hill then it was back on the bikes to tackle the dirt rocky road.


Me at the front and Biddy just behind me.


Admiring the view below


The majority of the ride down the mountain was through jungle and it was amazing! These pics really dont do it justice but there were waterfalls and ferns, palms and vines of the greenest green on the mountain side and looking out over the cliffs you would see equally impressive vegetation on the mountains around us! I think the most dangerous part of this ride is the scenery becuase you just want to look at the view in awe rather than watch where you're going. We had a few stacks on the trip ( miracuously it wasn't me or Biddy!!!) by either people going to fast or slamming on the front brakes.


We had really good guides that spoke great english. As we went further and further down it got hotter and hotter and we had to strip off layers. The finally we made it to the bottom 56kms later at a height of only 1800m. Stopped at jungle hostel for swim, shower and buffet lunch then the scariest part... back up the mountain... in the vans! But finally we arrived back at our hostel alive and in one piece.


The next day I was feeling a little ill and biddy was terrible so i went on a little wonder while biddy slept all day. Then I went for my free dinner at a local britsh pub called Oliver's Travels. The night before out bike ride we went to get our free beer at the other hostel building and they had a free poker tornament and Biddy said we should play and I have never played properly before and didnt know the rules and got the dealer to write out a list of the hands in order from highest to lowest. So we played. Over 20 people to start with. Biddy got out pretty early so after that i though I would just try to get out so we could go to bed and get an early night for tomorrow. So the majority of hands I placed outrageous bets on in an effort to loose chips ie a 2 and a 7 or a pair of 4s... and I kept winning, somehow I just kept winning. All these pro blokes sat around me getting angry that this new girl who had no idea what she was doing kept winning. Most of the time I didnt understand but they just kept pushing all the chips to me. And in the end I WON! haha so a free dinner at the british pub, a free stein of beer and an unlimited shot a vile gasoline liquor into my mouth until I sat 'no', which I took a raincheque on.

So today, feeling much better, we went with the germans and an english girl back to Oliver's for a proper english breakie (getting a bit sick of pancakes believe it or not).

Biddy's gone to the markets, and having booked us another night here at our hostel, I am now off to find a cinema to see if we can see Harry Potter in english!

Tomorrow I would like to book a tour to the valley of the moon or some inca ruins so ill let you know how that goes!

Ciao for now señors and señoras

Posted by katieOZ 09:24 Archived in Bolivia

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